CHIKOMBA- Police in Chivhu District has recovered seven unlicenced
firearms from residents who voluntarily surrendered them during the ongoing
nationwide amnesty granted by President Mnangagwa until 30 September this
The President on August 10 called upon all those in possession of unlicenced
firearms and ammunition to surrender them to the nearest Police Station without
questions being asked.
This comes as cases of abuse of firearms and ammunition, mostly unregistered,
have been on the rise, with unlicencened owners committing heinous crimes such
as murder and armed robberies.
Chivhu ZRP has been taking fire-arm amnesty campaign to all corners of the
district since the commencement of SADC amnesty month which started on the 8 th
of August and runs until 30 th September.
According to SADC Article 12 of Control of Firearms, those who are in illegal
possession of firearms are urged to voluntarily surrender them without being
questioned by Police or face criminal charges.
In an interview with The Midweek Watch Chivhu ZRP Officer Commanding
District, Chief Superintended Phillip Nyateka said seven people have so far
voluntarily surrendered their unlicenced fire-arms.
“As Chivhu District, we are conducting an awareness campaign where we are
urging members of the public to surrender their unlicenced firearms voluntarily.
We would like to guarantee them that there won’t be any questioning and
interrogation from the Police during this amnesty month which runs until 30 th
September this year. We hope to recover more because there are a lot of unlicenced
firearms held by individuals,” said Nyateka.
To make sure the campaign reaches wider audience, Chivhu ZRP has resorted to
the use of any form of gathering across the district as an opportunity to urge
members of the public to surrender firearms that are illegally in their possession.
Police is also encouraging farmers, hunters and individuals with expired firearm
licenses to renew them or surrender them to the Police.

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