MASVINGO- While it is difficult for upcoming artists to break into the cut throat music industry, patience and hard work has proven key to Ngundu based band which has finally made it five years on.

 Prosper Pedzisai who is the band leader has been focusing on Zimdancehall music as a solo artist from 2015 until 2018 when he shifted to Afro Fusion and Jazz music and formed his outfit, The Voice of  Ngundu.

The band made up of seven members released its first album in 2018 called Tiriparwendo which has eight tracks with love as their main theme.

The Voice of Ngundu  went on to release  two albums  consecutively in 2019 and 2020 which are called Jinda raMambo and Kudzoka kwaBaba respectively.

Each album has eight tracks which talk about good morals, love and cultural uprightness in the communities.

Speaking in an interview with The Midweek Watch, Pedzisai revealed that since they started as a band it felt like they were walking in the dark until 2022 when they were nominated for Masvingo People’s Choice Award which marked their breakthrough into the music limelight.

“It has been tiresome journey to come up with an album because firstly the resources are scarce and secondly our band does not come a big audience as it is still in its infancy.

“ We did not however loose hope for it was out of passion and love for what we do, we were patient and we worked harder, 2021 was a tough year for us, most things were affected by COVID-19 such that we failed to come up anything and so we concentrated on pushing our old tracks.

 “In 2022 we got nominated for best upcoming artist in the  ……..category and that marked the journey to our stardom.

The nomination itself was enough for us and the icing on the cake came when we got the award which we did not expect as new comers. Since Then things have been looking good for us, we now get hired for different occasions like weddings and family functions and we are excited about the business we are getting.

“Unfortunately we are not being hired to play on the big stage with established artistes something we are appealing for so that we get the much needed exposure.

“Radio stations and television stations are not airing our music as well and if we could that opportunity we will appreciate that a lot as it may propel us to greater heights,” said Pedzisai.

The band is working on a single to be released later this year and are already working on an album to be released next year April.

The Voice of Ngundu music can be accessed on YouTube Channel Proxy Pee Music , Facebook handle proxy55ppe or WhatsApp number +263 771 210  919.

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