Hillary Nduweni

The murder trial of four armed robbers who robbed a Target Kopje family before throwing them into a disused 20 meter deep mine shaft last year has kicked off at the Masvingo High Court.

The business couple Obvious Nhokovedzo and his wife Rutendo Ndega  were blind folded from their house and taken to Target Kopje hills near the City water tanks reservoir   where there were thrown inside the shaft.

Ndega died from the injuries she sustained from the shaft.

The four, Shepard Chinhara, Kudakwashe Nyashanu, Needmore Chipoterwa and Edson Donza are already serving 22 years in prison for the robbery.

Now they are answering to murder charges.

The trial kicked off with an emotional testimony from  the deceased’s husband who broke down in tears  as he led evidence narrating how he spent the night blind folded with his hands tied and legs while listening to his wife groaning in pain.

 High court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze had to adjourn proceeding to allow Nhokovedzo to regain composure.

The State was led by Emmanuel Mathose and the trial continues. http://www.midweekwatch.co.zw

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