While the stability being enjoyed in the currency market is quite laudable as a result of the recent measures, there is need for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to take advantage of that and create confidence in the local currency.

The RBZ should embark on an all-out war to educate and encourage the citizenry on the benefits of using and having our own currency.

Besides the issue of sovereignty there are so many benefits in using our own currency, like, accessibility/availability, control over usage, increase in exports as they will be cheaper resulting in the country getting more of the much sought after foreign currency, just to mention but a few.

Week in week out the RBZ Monetary Policy Committee lauds itself for the measures taken to bring sanity to the currency market, but we feel that is not enough if the word does not get to everyone who matters.

It seems the emphasis is on the recent gains which are being enjoyed instead of looking into the long term benefits of having everybody on board so that we all pull in one direction.

Every time the RBZ introduces a new currency there is always a blitz in the media and we expect the same so that the majority of people do away with the perception that the Zimbabwe dollar is bad money as is the situation at the moment.

Most of the people are skeptical about the prevailing situation on the ground as they are still looking for the best rate when they want to change money on the market be it the parallel or formal market.

The social media is awash with such messages.

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