MASVINGO-The much awaited installation of Chief Nemamwa is hanging in serious doubts after another urgent chamber application was filed by two more claimants to the throne, Paul Mavhima and Fredman Tagwireyi from Masvingo Rural, to stop the process.

This follows another urgent chamber application by Jimmy Matambo through Charles Warara of Warara and Associates dated September 14, 2022 who also claims to be the heir to the Nemamwa chieftainship throne.

The Midweek Watch is possession of the applications by Tagwireyi and Mavhima citing President Mnangagwa, Provincial Development Coordinator, Dr Jefta Sakupwanya, District Development Coordinator, Roy Hove, Masvingo Provincial Assembly of Chiefs, National Council of Chiefs, Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local government and Public Works and Tranos Manjiva (Chief Nemamwa) as respondents.

Tagwireyi and Mavhima aver that the respondents appointed Manjiva to the Nemamwa throne in violation of succession and customary practice of the Nemamwa clan as the appointment was based on falsehoods and lacked transparency.

Mavhima is represented by Chirairo and Associates of Masvingo according to the chamber application dated September 27, 2022, while Mavhima is represented by Chatsanga and Associates from Harare as per the chamber application dated September 29, 2022.

According to Hove the installation is slated for Monday, October 3 next week in Nemamwa.

A memo from acting Chief Director for Traditional Leadership Services in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, Felix Chikovo to acting Director of Administration in our hands indicates that 3 000 litres of fuel have already been allocated for the installation of Chief Nemamwa.

The Nemamwa chieftainship was resuscitated in 2017 after it was abolished decades ago by the colonial regime and the clan has been under Chief Charumbira ever since.

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