…as our subconscious mind has the power to change us


Turn over your request with faith and confidence and your subconscious mind will take over and find answers for you.

It’s very sad every day that I wake up, I hear of people committing suicide people becoming mentally ill.  You ask yourself why this is happening at such a rate these days. You will see that the days that we are now leaving in are full of pressure, not pressure from the outside factors but pressure that we build for ourselves. Trying to prove to people that we are good enough. I think most of the people are also concentrating much on the things that they cannot change and they doubt the ability of their mind.

We must remember that whenever our subconscious mind accepts as idea. It immediately brings to execute it, it uses all its mighty resources to that and mobilizes all the mental and spiritual laws of the deeper mind  this law is true for good or bad ideas consequently if you use it negatively it  brings trouble, failure and confusion

The principle reason for failure are lack of confidence and too much effort. Many people block answers to their prayers by failing to fully comprehend the workings of their subconscious mind. When you know how your mind works and functions you gain a measure of confidence.

For one to be able to control his or her mind, there must be a clear cut idea in your mind that you must arrive at. The definite decisions that there is a way out, a solution to the vexing problem in sickness, in education, at work and home, you mention it. Only the infinite intelligence within your subconscious mind knows the answer. When your mind is then made-up according to your belief it is done unto you.

So the reason why we then fail to get results is by trying to use mental cohesion. Your subconscious mind does not respond to cohesion it responses to your faith or conscience, mind acceptance.

Your failure to get results may also arise from such statements as “things are getting worse, I will never get the answers, I see no way out, it is hopeless. When you use such statements you get no response of cooperation from your subconscious mind. You don’t get anywhere. Even in the bible it reminds us to be conscious of our thoughts every time.

So when you use your subconscious mind constructively it brings you guidance, freedom and peace of mind .the right answers is inevitable when your thought are positive, constructive and loving.

Let us be like the sons of Isaac in the bible who understood the meaning of time so that whenever we face what we face be it a difficult situation and we cannot see any light coming out  we should know that the time of hardship will pass, for they cannot be any situation that is permanent in life .

You might be single today and not have anyone who understands you, who can bring that smile on your face and that real feeling of love but do not rush. There will always be a good time for everyone. We have the power to change our lives today by simply using our minds to think of the things that we want to achieve, the things that brings joy and a smile to our lives.


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