Gweru Urban District which recorded four murder cases in a space of less than two months make sad reading as lives are needlessly lost for petty reasons with dangerous weapons.

Gweru Urban Police Commander went on to issue a prohibition order for public not to carry dangerous weapons like machetes, knives, catapults, axes, swords, knobkerries for a period of three months beginning in October to December this year.

With the rate at which people are killing each other using the prohibited weapons it could have made sense if the order by Superintended B. Gumpo was implemented with immediate effect.

Sup Gumpo’s order implies that those caught with the weapons between the time she made the proclamation public and the time of implementation ie them.

One life lost is too many, we can’t afford to continue to lose lives in that manner when there are chances of minimizing the crimes.

We also implore the Police to search for these weapons especially in places where people have the potential to carry such weapons, now that they have some clue of where these crimes are being committed.

It is also unfortunate that most people who are targeted by this prohibition order do not see the notices for various reasons and this may have no effect on perpetrators.

We urge the Police to go an extra October 1 2022, those carrying the weapons will not be prosecuted and there is the potential for them to commit the heinous crimes using

mile and use every means at their disposal to ensure that the public is aware of the prohibition order than to wait for a crime to be committed.

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