GWERU-The Midlands Province recorded seven murder cases in August and early September this year, four of them were committed in Gweru District alone.

While comparable statistics were not readily available the month of August could arguably be the bloodiest for Gweru District in as many years as four murder cases were recorded involving machetes and dangerous weapons.

Early this week a 24 year old man Tonderai Zambezi of Ascot Infill, Gweru was killed in cold blood by unknown seven suspects who are still at large using the machetes and sharp objects.

It is alleged that around 334pm Zambezi was drinking beer in the company of Buhlebezwe Mlotshwa (23) at Maninja Bar where two unknown suspects approached him and requested to have a word with him outside the bar.

 Midlands Province ZRP spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said “It is alleged that while outside the bar, five other unknown suspects joined the conversation and a misunderstanding ensued.  The seven unknown   suspects then produced machetes and sharp objects and they stabbed Zambezi several times all over the body,” he said.

He added that Mlotshwa tried to refrain the suspects from further attacking Zambezi but the “suspects turned against him and stabbed him with the sharp objects several times on his back” before fleeing from the scene and left the victims at the scene with multiple injuries.

Insp Mahoko said the victims were “ferried to Gweru Provincial Hospital where Zambezi was pronounced dead upon arrival and Mlotshwa is admitted in Hospital and is in a serious condition”.

Last week Absolom Mazambani (38) of Woodlands, Gweru was brutally murdered after he was struck with a log and a sharp object several times all over the body by four men over misunderstanding about a girlfriend at Siyatotoba Bar.

He was found lying unconscious and profusely bleeding few metres from his home and was swiftly transported to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

On August 7, 2022 Insp Mahoko said the Police was investigating a murder case of Joseph Hama (36) who was allegedly killed during a domestic violence related episode.

He reported that Hama died after “sustaining a deep cut on his right shoulder following a misunderstanding with his wife Sophia Nherera at Brooklyn Farm Compound, Gweru.

“Hama’s lifeless body was found in his Honda Fit vehicle at 10pm by a neighbour Wisdom Nyambira” said Mahoko.

On the fourth case, Police confirmed investigations of the murder of Malcom Maliko (33) of Ascot Suburb who died from deep cut wounds on his ribs following a misunderstanding with his wife Ruvimbo Chamunorwa.

“It is alleged that Maliko was warming himself at a fireplace outside their house in the company of Author Kurai when he saw a message on his wife’s phone purported to be from her boyfriend, which resulted in exchange of harsh words.

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