MBERENGWA- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, this aptly describes what Blessing Phiri (23), married to popular self-styled prophet of C-Mine in Mberengwa, Madzibaba Joshua of Johane Masowe Church did to her husband’s lover after learning of their relationship.

Phiri went on to bit lights out, Carboth Mapaike (22) with a burning log on the left arm and was fined ZWL$30 000 for the offence by Mberengwa Magistrate, Mehluli Moyo recently.

 Phiri of C-Mine turn off in Mberengwa assaulted  Mapaike residing at house number 420 Northwood, Mberengwa after a confrontation over her relationship with her husband, Madzibaba Joshua.

Mapaike did not deny the existence of the relationship, but said they became lovers well before Madzibaba Joshua married Phiri. This did not go down well with Phiri who immediately in a fit of rage pulled off a burning log from a fire place and started hitting Mapaike with it.

Mapaike manged to flea from the scene and reported Phiri to the Police over the torture resulting in the latter’s arrest and subsequent appearance in court.

Prosecutor Ali Mutause told the court that on October 8, 2022 Phiri and Mapaike were at C-Mine turn-off at Madzibaba Joshua shrine attending a church service. Phiri confronted Mapaike about the relationship she had with her husband and a misunderstanding arose. She then picked a log from the fire and hit Mapaike on the left arm and the matter was reported to the Police.

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