GWERU- The country’s biggest shoe making company, Bata has stretched its giving hand by donating food stuffs, gardening and cleaning tools to Mudavanhu Zimcare Centre in Gweru last Wednesday.

Speaking at the Bata Founder’s Day celebrations, the country manager Simon Mutisiya said the donation is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility in the community that they operate in.

“I welcome you all to join us in remembering Bata Founder’s Day which is celebrated on the 21st of September every year.

“Bata invested in shoe making in 17 countries and have more than 5000 stores worldwide.

“The company values its history of giving back to the less privileged and a brighter future for the needy in communities that we operate in.

“We have assisted these children by donating groceries, footwear and clothes as part of our corporate social responsibility,” said Mutisiya.

He said they have made similar donations to Queens of Peace in Kwekwe, Zimcare Trust and Jairos Jiri among others.

“Bata will continue to support these organisations to make sure that these children make a positive difference in the communities that they live in,” he added.

Donated items include 10 steel rakes, 10 shovels, 10 hoes, six garden forks, wheelbarrows, 2×100 meter hosepipes, four hard brooms and 10 soft brooms.

They also donated food items like sugar, Mazoe Orange Crush, cooking oil flour peanut butter among others and these will be handed to them in batches from October to December this year.

Before making the donations, the shoe making company’s staff performed some chores where they embarked on cleaning the yard, cutting grass and sweeping as well as cooking for the inmates.

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