CHIKOMBAPopular Chivhu based film director, Leonard Chibhamu who has since ventured into music has rued lack of radio station for Mash East Province which he says hinders artists to connect with their local fans.

Chibhamu is the director of TV series Village Secretes which has since gone international and has released his debut 11 track gospel album late last month titled Zvigare Zvakadaro.

In an interview with The Midweek Watch Chibhamu said his album was well received in the music circles.

Minister of State for Mash East Provincial Affairs and Devolution Aplonia Munzverengwi told The Midweek Watch that there were plans for a provincial radio station as Mash East lags behind other provinces which have already secured commercial local radio station licences and already broadcasting. She also said she has since submitted the request to the Ministry Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

“I fully appreciate that the creation of a provincial radio station comes with benefits for local content creators and local talent is exposed and equally promoted. Local radio station can actually help local artists financially through marketing their content. Artists always die paupers not because they are not organised but because the enviroment is not conducive for survival of an artist,” said Chibhamu.

“As a Minister I submitted the request to the responsible ministry end of last year. We are waiting to get a response as of now but it is a noble idea though there is need for a lot of things to be considered before licenses are granted,” said Munzverengwi.

Mash East is well known for producing fine artists like Mark Ngwazi, Tendai Ngwazi and the late sungura veteran James Chimombe, Josephat and the late Daiton Somanje.

Chibhamu is amongst few film makers who are striving to revive Zimbabwe’s wailing film industry through his TV series Village Secrets. He has since spread his wings into gospel music.

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